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Dear, CI MB4048

Hello CI, it’s been 5 months from the first time we met. we bump into each other back in January 2011. do you remember that moment?

i was introduced to you by my friends. they said that you are a fun and worth to learn lesson. Well i guess they were right.

After i met you, i learned many new things. if i can simply put, YOU OPEN MY MIND.

you teach me to never let down my creativity side. you force me to experiment with new things, and you also teach me about the innovations in all over the world.

do you remember when you asked me to make a business model last time? well, at first i think it is burdensome but then i realize that your intention is to teach me furthermore about all creative industries and how to open up a creative and innovative business. i know that it’s a form of love from you to me. <3. thank you CI MB4048

you know what, CI MB4048? you are a fun course. who else will give assignments through blogs? you’re awesome! always think outside the box. you give us knowledge already, yet you also improve our writing skill. kill 2 birds with one stone, eh? i can’t thank you enough.

anyway, who taught you to become an interactive course and at the same time, also give me so many knowledge? oh, i know. it must be your partners, the lecturer, pak Apiq and Kak Bayu.

by the way, thank for introducing me to awesome people such as

Adi Panuntun

Budi Rahardjo

they always make me like this.

i learn a lot from them. thank you

well, i think this is the end of my love letter to you. i hope you will improve yourself even more and produce many innovative and creative people. Good bye CI MB4048, i hope i will not see you in the future (i love you but i need to move on).


Priska J.R. Siagian


Kulkith, the next leading shoes company

well, welcome again to my blog.

today, i’ll introduce you to “KULKITH”, a creative industry in Indonesia. it offers shoes using traditional fabric, which is BATIK.  it’s an emerging industry in Indonesia and it has a big potential to develop further for the mean time.

so, here it goes.

1.Value Proposition

The value proposition of Kulkith is “Shoes using traditional fabric with high quality and unique characteristics”. Unlike other shoes that using printed traditional fabrics, Kulkith uses handmade traditional fabric, such as “batik tulis”, etc. Other than that, Kulkith also limits its products so the products become prestigious. Kulkith uses high quality materials to make the product.

2.Strategic Partners

There are three main strategic partners of Kulkith, which are:

  • Fashion bloggers

Kulkith gives out its product to fashion bloggers to be promoted in their blogs. It is a way to promote the product.

  • Smesco

Smesco is a unit consists of SME (Small Medium Enterprises). Kulkith is listed in Smesco website. If there is any national or international exhibition that requires shoes product, or traditional based product, Smesco will let know Kulkith and offer the chance to join the exhibitions to Kulkith.

  • Suppliers

Kulkith has several suppliers to support the making process of the product. In addition, Kulkilth has a special fabric supplier who makes the fabric by handmade. Seventy percents of the fabrics came from the special fabric supplier.

3.Key Activities

  • Design

All the designs of Kulkith’s products are made by the owner itself, Agnes.

  • Marketing

Kulkith promotes its products by using social networks, such as twitter and facebook. Other than that, Kulkith also promotes its products by using blogs, especially from fashion bloggers. Up until now, Kulkith only use no charge promoting media. There is no tendency to promote in printed media.

it’s better if Kulkith wants to promote through fashion magazines so it can expand the ability to reach the market itself.

  • Manufacture

Kulkith hires four persons to make the shoes. These persons are professional in shoes making line and they come from Cibaduyut

4.Key Resources

  • Labors

There are 4 labors who worked for Kulkith. They are shoes maker that came from Cibaduyut.

  • Distribution partners

There are two main distribution partners. One is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the other one is in Bandung. The distribution partners are responsible to distribute the orders that are made from online shop.

the online shop needs to be more responsive to fulfill all the demand and it is better to have store chains in and out of the country.

  • Fabric Suppliers

There is special fabric supplier who made all the fabrics by handmade. Seventy percent of fabric materials are fulfilled by this fabric supplier. The rest of fabric materials are came from other fabric suppliers without any special work relationship.

5.Customer Segment

The target market of Kulkith is women, between 17-25 years old, especially college students. Nowadays, Kulkith’s target market widen to career woman.

6. Customer Relationship

Since the life cycle of product in Kulkith is quite short, Kulkith will give out discounts for last season products since the size range is not complete anymore.

7.Distibution Channels

  • Kuala Lumpur partner

The distributor partner in Kuala Lumpur handles all the orders that came from Kuala Lumpur. Kulkith will send all the orders to this person and he/she will distribute all the orders in Kuala Lumpur. The objective of this process is to reduce the delivery cost.

  • Geulis

Geulis is a store that sells fashion products in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. Kulkith gives its product to Geulis to be sold there, but the label is still Kulkith.

  • Store

There are two types of store. The first one is main store, which is located in Owners’ house, and the second is online store ( Now, Kulkith is more focusing in online store.


These are the sources of cost in Kulkith:

  • Labors

Kulkith needs to pay the salary of its worker.

  • Delivery

There are charges have been made because Kulkith delivers the products to the customers who order the products from online store.

  • Website

There is yearly payment that needs to be paid because of using server host.

  • Manufacturing

All the materials, such as fabrics, leather, ect, become the main costs of Kulkith’s revenue stream.


  • Exhibitions

National and international exhibitions become additional revenue sources for Kulkith since Kulkith can sell its products there.

  • Main store

The main store of Kulkith is in Owner’s house. Customers can come to the store and buy the products. is the address of Kulkith’s online store. Customers can place their order in that website.

  • Retail store

Geulis in one of the retail store that make a special partnership with Kulkith. Geulis helps on selling the products of Kulkith

in further, it is the best if Geulis has its own brand stores in main cities in Indonesia and other countries.


Kulkith has a big potential to become the lead company of shoes using BATIK in all over the world. it serves shoes with good quality, unique designs, and affordable price.

that’s all about KULKITH, the emerging shoes company in Indonesia which has a big potential to go international.

KULKITH, keep on fighting!

Priska J.R. Siagian



well, writing? THAT’S MY HOBBY ACTUALLY. But, WRITING YOUR COURSES THROUGH BLOG? well, that’s a new thing.

sebelum memilih matkul CI, saya melakukan sesi tanya2 dulu ke temen-temen saya.

Saya (S): eh, CI asik ga sih?

Teman(T): asik kok, cuman nulis-nulis doang.

mendengar perkataan teman-teman saya, tentu saya tertarik dengan CI, slain memang saya ga tau mau ngambil mata kuliah apa lagi. haha.

hobby saya memang dari SMP adalah menulis (especially short fictional stories). But, the first thing in my mind after i take this course at the first time is “writing for courses, even in a fun way, IT’S NOT AN EASY THING TO DO”

pertama kali saya ngepost, saya bingung! pertama, karena saya TIDAK PERNAH NGEBLOG sebelumnya. yang kedua, saya bingung mau nulis apa karena saya memikirkan tulisan ini bukan untuk FUN, tapi untuk NILAI TUGAS.

dengan pola pikir tersebut, flow for writing saya betul-betul ke block! sial!

takut nulis ini itu, kadang ngerasa jokenya garing mampus, dll.

slain itu, kadang kita pusing harus nyari gambar yang cocok, flow tulisan yang cocok, dll.

but, after the second post, i’m kind of feeling the rhythm of writing assignments in blog. mulai deh hal-hal yang ngeblok otak itu hilang satu persatu. hahahaha.

ternyata fun loh nulis di blog, walaupun tentang pelajaran.

ini nih beberapa point yang membuat saya merasa senang nulis tugas di blog:

1. pelajaran yang kita pelajarin itu “JAUH LEBIH MASUK OTAK” secara kita menuliskan kembali dengan cara kita dan dengan pengertian kita sendiri.

2.kita bisa memasukkan gambar-gambar atau video yang dapat mendukung “cerita” kita tersebut. FUN kan? hahaha.

3. kita bisa sekaligus sharing mengenai apa yang kita pelajarin dengan orang-orang lain (netizens). it’s a fun thing to share something, right?

nah, tapi ada sih kekurangan dari nulis di blog, yaitu GODAAN BESAR BGT GENG UNTUK LIAT-LIAT WEBSITE LAIN YANG TIDAK BERHUBUNGAN DENGAN TUGAS SAYA. hahahahahaha.


Priska J.R. Siagian

The newest TV station is in the house!

annyong guyss…..pie kabare? tetap mantabs kan? hha.

this post will be dedicated for a wild dream of making a TV station, especially for kids! yahoo…saya merasa kasihan dengan anak-anak zaman sekarang yang cuma disuguhi oleh  acara-acara gosip, sinetron “close up muka tiap detik”, sinetron dubbing geje, dan acara musik yang ………… ya gitulah.

so here’s the SUPERKIDS TV….jengjengjeng…

nah, gini nih business modelnya.

1. value proposition

TV station khusus untuk anak-anak dengan acara yang berkualitas dan interaktif yang dapat meningkatkan kecerdasan, kreativitas, dan daya imajinasi anak. jadi semua acara yang ada di SUPERKIDS TV hanya didedikasikan untuk anak-anak. jadi TV station ini aman untuk dikonsumsi oleh anak-anak walaupun tanpa pengawasan orangtua.

2. core capabilities

kegiatan-kegiatan yang ada di SUPERKIDS TV adalah:

-broadcasting acara-acara interaktif untuk anak-anak.

– menayangkan cartoon films dari luar negeri dan dalam negeri.

-variety show untuk anak-anak.

hal- hal tersebut didukung dengan adanya broadcasting team dari SUPERKIDS TV yang merancang segala program di SUPERKIDS TV

3. partner network

yang bekerjasama dengan SUPERKIDS TV adalah:

-CABLE TV such as Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, yang memang menayangkan acara-acara yang khusus untuk anak-anak. CABLE TV berperan dalam menjual lisensi acara-acara yang mereka punya.

-PH (production house) yang berperan dalam menyediakan acara-acara, variety show, yang khusus untuk anak-anak. acara-acara tersebut berguna dalam meningkatkan kreativitas dan intelektual anak-anak selaku penonton acara tersebut.

-staff dari SUPERKIDS TV

4. distribution channel

SUPERKIDS TV akan direncanakan untuk ditayangkan lewat national TV. jadi ga perlu tuh pake TV cable. Artinya, seluruh anak-anak dapat menonton dengan leluasa dan bebas.

Selain lewat national TV, acara-acara di SUPERKIDS TV juga bisa ditonton dengan cara streaming via website SUPERKIDS TV

5.customer relationship

SUPERKIDS TV mempunyai club sendiri seperti konsep ‘DISNEY CLUB”. anak-anak dapat bergabung dalam club tersebut sesuai dengan rentang usianya. dengan bergabung dalam “SUPERKIDS TEAM”, nama dari SUPERKIDS TV club, para anggota bisa mengikuti kegiatan-kegiatan outdoor, nonton bareng, dan setiap bulannya mendapat buletin jadwal acara SUPERKIDS TV. dengan bergabung dalam “SUPERKIDS TEAM”, para anggota juga mendapat diskon-diskon khusus member di berbagai toko dengan segment anak-anak seperti KIDS STATION, dll.

6.customer segment

Target dari SUPERKIDS TV adalah anak-anak Indonesia, baik laki-laki maupun perempuan, yang berumur 4-14 tahun, baik yang bersekolah maupun tidak.

7. Revenue stream

sumber revenue dari SUPERKIDS TV adalah dari iklan-iklan yang masuk ke SUPERKIDS TV dan sponsor-sponsor acara TV.

8. Cost

ada revenue, pasti ada cost dong. sumber pengeluaran SUPERKIDS TV adalah biaya yang harus dikeluarkan untuk membeli lisensi cartoon, untuk acara variety show, membayar gaji pekerja, maintenance website, dan advertising.

so, that’s the business model of SUPERKIDS TV. hopefully i can make it in the future. hha.


Priska J.R. Siagian


yaw..yaw…halo lagi semuanya….bagaimana kabar anda sekalian? semoga masih bernyawa ya…=)

di post kali ini, saya ingin share tentang DOCOMO, video yang sukses slalu bikin saya iri.

see, ngiri ga sih? berasa ga mungkin hal-hal ini terjadi?

well guys, everything starts from a dream, even something you say might cannot happen. there’s nothing wrong to dream big, as it’s the first step to achieve higher level of life.

fasilitas-fasilitas yang kita nikmati sekarang juga dulunya dianggap mustahil oleh orang-orang zaman dulu.

orang-orang zaman dulu mungkin berpikir bahwa tidak mungkin manusia bisa terbang, dll.

senjata utama dalam menyebabkan hal-hal ini terjadi adalah MIMPI dan senjata pelengkapnya adalah KREATIVITAS, USAHA, dan INOVASI.

dengan adanya keempat hal tersebut, anything can be conquered.

sama seperti penemu-penemu zaman dulu yang bermimpi besar dan menemukan hal-hal yang dapat kita nikmati sekarang.

misalkan sekarang saya bermimpi saya bisa teleportasi kemana saja, itu bukan berarti i’m ridiculous, but i’m dreaming big. siapa tahu saya jadi penemu alat teleport? hha. world is just getting smaller guys, even it’s fit in your hand, just grab it tight.


Priska J.R. Siagian