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Dear, CI MB4048

Hello CI, it’s been 5 months from the first time we met. we bump into each other back in January 2011. do you remember that moment?

i was introduced to you by my friends. they said that you are a fun and worth to learn lesson. Well i guess they were right.

After i met you, i learned many new things. if i can simply put, YOU OPEN MY MIND.

you teach me to never let down my creativity side. you force me to experiment with new things, and you also teach me about the innovations in all over the world.

do you remember when you asked me to make a business model last time? well, at first i think it is burdensome but then i realize that your intention is to teach me furthermore about all creative industries and how to open up a creative and innovative business. i know that it’s a form of love from you to me. <3. thank you CI MB4048

you know what, CI MB4048? you are a fun course. who else will give assignments through blogs? you’re awesome! always think outside the box. you give us knowledge already, yet you also improve our writing skill. kill 2 birds with one stone, eh? i can’t thank you enough.

anyway, who taught you to become an interactive course and at the same time, also give me so many knowledge? oh, i know. it must be your partners, the lecturer, pak Apiq and Kak Bayu.

by the way, thank for introducing me to awesome people such as

Adi Panuntun

Budi Rahardjo

they always make me like this.

i learn a lot from them. thank you

well, i think this is the end of my love letter to you. i hope you will improve yourself even more and produce many innovative and creative people. Good bye CI MB4048, i hope i will not see you in the future (i love you but i need to move on).


Priska J.R. Siagian